Frankin man pleas guilty to robbery

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franklin robbery

A Franklin man will spend at least 118 months and up to 128 months in prison after admitting in court to helping rob and beat another man.

Jonathan Wesley Simmons, 39, pleaded guilty last week to robbery with a dangerous weapon as a habitual felon and possession of firearm by felon, District Attorney Ashley Hornsby Welch said.

He threatened the victim with an AR-15-style, semi-automatic rifle.

Simmons had previous convictions for:
• Possession of a firearm in December 2011.
• Attempted first-degree burglary in December 2016.
• Assault on a female in April 2018.

Habitual felon status enhances punishment decisions and can apply after a defendant is convicted of three felonies.

Habitual felons face sentencing at a felony level four classes higher than the underlying felony convictions.
Assistant District Attorney John Hindsman Jr. prosecuted the case.

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