Macon Sheriff’s Office respond to machete incident

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On Sunday, August 8, 2021, Macon County Deputies responded to 441 South area of the county where a person that local law enforcement are very familiar with was blocking the roadway and waving a machete. Upon arrival, a responding deputy who arrived on scene and immediately began calling the subject by name and repeated verbal commands. While calling out to the black female the deputy pointed in her direction and requested that she sit down where she was and drop the machete. Again deputies who were familiar with her and were calling her by her first name while giving her verbal commands. Within moments the female complied with deputies commands and dropped the machete. The subject then sat down on the pavement and after doing so then laid down on the ground. EMS was requested by deputies due to blood being seen on the subject and arrived on the scene within moments.
It is reported that a civilian recorded this incident and has placed that video on FaceBook for others to view. Besides that video, there is also MCSO bodycam video as well as video from responding deputies In-Car Cameras. These videos show the entire incident unfolding as they arrived and continues until the deputies left the scene. We have been informed by media outlets that there are reports a taser was utilized during this incident. As stated previously, we have the incident on video. Deputies who were on scene of this incident state that a taser was never used during the entire encounter with this individual who was a black female. The first responding deputy did not have a taser in his possession during his entire shift and did not have one at this particular scene. In an interview conducted by the Sheriff following the incident the deputies who responded to the incident stated there was never a need for displaying a taser or any other weapon they may carry. The deputy who was wearing black gloves in the video had placed the gloves on his hands prior to his arrival in an effort for self protection against any contamination from any blood or bodily fluids. As stated earlier, deputies are familiar with this individual and knew what they could possibly encounter once they arrived on scene. The female was slightly injured prior to their arrival from a small laceration on her finger. Deputies called for EMS to treat her for any injuries and to check on her condition. Once treated and assessed by EMS she was transported to a local hospital.
Sheriff Robert L. Holland states, “This was a dangerous situation on many levels and excellent police work. From the citizens who reported the incident, the deputies who responded, EMS, Franklin Police, and all the way to the hospital staff who eventually assisted the female should be commended for their efforts. This was excellent work in dealing with someone who obviously was having a mental health crisis and the efforts by all are what eventually lead to a safe conclusion and getting someone the appropriate assistance needed. Everyone went home or where they needed to be safely.”

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