MVI Roundabout creates safer intersection for students

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MVI roundabout

After nearly ten years and what was initially requested as a two-week daily assignment for deputies, the Macon County Sheriff’s Office will no longer have deputies at the MVI Intersection on a daily basis. NC Department of Transportation has taken measures to try and address the morning traffic issue at the MVI and MMS intersection. 

Another “Round About” was recently constructed and has now been completed in Macon County. As many know, it is at the MVI intersection they deemed the appropriate location to put it. This project by the DOT follows many concerns of citizens and local leaders. Several studies were conducted as well. The new roundabout will be selectively monitored by law enforcement and all motorist are reminded to YIELD THE RIGHT-AWAY to your fellow motorist. Please drive safely and best of luck to all the students and faculty as you begin your new school year.

Thank you to all the deputies who spent their mornings manning this intersection… rain, sleet, or snow. Thank you for being a part in helping to ensure safe travels to and from school daily for parents and students. At times it was very difficult and we have had many officers who have had close calls while they worked. You were necessary and you continue to be appreciated!

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